To determine the best option for you, its helpful for us to know your budget first, even if it’s a range, that way we can work together to achieve the best result within your budget.

Visual Merchandising & Styling

Our styling services cover event styling, showrooms & interiors, retail pop-ups, brand activation’s, promotional displays, retail window installations, product merchandising, retail floor plans, mannequin and prop styling, prop building and signage.

There are a two options for our VM & Styling pricing; an hourly rate or a project based quote.

An hourly rate will be invoiced at the completion of the project and will cover time spent on design, sourcing, materials, custom builds, installation and take down etc.

Or, for larger projects, we can give you an estimated project based quote which will itemise:

  • Creative concept & Design fee
  • Labour / installation
  • Material costs

We love working on your concepts and spend lots of time and consideration getting it just right. The design fee covers this process and is invoiced before we move forward.


Vertical Gardens & Custom Builds

The best way to start this process is to meet up onsite (or over the phone) to discuss your ideas and what you are hoping to achieve.

The initial consultation is free of charge, We will take a look at the proposed area, discuss some concepts and run you through our process; design fee, quotes, lead times etc. If you already have some great ideas about what you want, perfect, or if you have no idea and need our expertise & creative solutions, We can help with both!

If you know exactly what you want or have no idea at all, we can help bring your visions to life! Contact us today